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As a Company we place special emphasis on the varied needs of our customers, Axis Petroleum Ltd distributes a vast range of quality lubricants brands to satisfy various automotive  requirements. 

With our many years of petroleum product trading, we have developed a wealth of experience in lubrication support services and are ready to work with our customers in developing appropriate solutions to meet their lubrication challenges. The support services we offer include lubricants recommendations, oil and equipment performance analysis, storage and handling, trouble-shooting, plant survey, lubrication training, etc.

We believe that being able to meet our  customers’ lubrication needs will translate to significant cash savings in extended equipment and lubricant life, meaning lower maintenance cost and overall operating cost.

Our partnership with Castrol to engage in the sales and distribution of the Castrol brands of Lubricants, Base Oils and Chemicals Additives positions us a top brand in the industry.

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